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Wild Orchid Subic: A place you won’t regret going 2 years ago

Wild Orchid Subic is like a dream come true to many local residents of Subic, but it’s also a perfect place to relax for guests coming from different areas around the country or even from other countries. It can be described as a “humble paradise” because of how kind, nice, gentle and caring the staff was and how lovely the entire place from outside to inside. You will never disappoint your family or friends for bringing them here because they will surely have fun and relax to the fullest where adults can even bring out their inner child and simply enjoy and play around during their stay.

Since Wild Orchid is located alongside the beach, hearing the relaxing waves from the ocean can get rid of any negative thoughts or energy around you plus the hotel has a beautiful garden around the pool that can also help you relax. Seeing something that belongs to nature and full of green color while taking a swim can soothe your feelings.

If it is your first time visiting the place then prepare yourself for its surprises. At Wild Orchid, you will get to experience spacious and beautiful rooms, delicious foods, lively bar, huge and clear pool, close distance to the beach, and many more. Wild Orchid Subic can provide a very good room for you and your family at an affordable price, which is surprising to some because rooms were indeed spacious and clean plus it had a cool and comfortable ambiance that is the key to having a relaxing stay, right?

The foods served by Wild Orchid were very satisfying and even foreign guests appreciate the taste so much. Even picky eaters ended up liking their food, which shows how reliable the good reviews about their food were. You don’t need to think about a crowded pool because the pool at the hotel was designed to be huge enough so that everyone could share the fun of swimming. As said earlier, you can also enjoy the beach if you’re at the hotel. See? You always have a lot of options at hand if you wanted to relax both your body and mind at Wild Orchid Subic.

The staff brings no problem to the guest as well because each was helpful and very friendly. Your problems can be solved quickly because the staff had undergone proper training in order to handle any kinds of concern regarding your stay at the hotel.

You won’t regret coming at Wild Orchid Subic to spend a few days of your summer or short break from work because it has everything you need to spend your personal holiday very well. Enjoy life and remember to give yourself a break once in a while and just relax, remember that your body and mind need it from all the stress of your daily life.